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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is known as platelet-rich plasma. It is used in the treatment of various problems in the medical world. AS it is obtained from the person’s own blood, it does not cause any side effects or allergic conditions. Furthermore, it has a supportive effect on repair and healing in a short time in the area where it is injected.

Purpose of PRP Injections

PRP serves many purposes. Some of them:

  • Hair loss
  • Tendon injuries
  • Repair after surgery
  • Acute injuries

During seasonal changes, stressful periods, nutritional deficiency or genetically, hair follicles begin to weaken and fall out over time. In these periods, PRP which is obtained from the person’s own blood is injected into the scalp with micro needles, attaining results such as preventing the shedding of the hair that continues to fall out.

PRP treatment is often recommended by experts to increase the success rate and accelerate recovery after hair transplantation.

How is PRP Treatment Operated?

In the PRP treatment for the hair area, blood is first taken from the person and filled into the special PRP Tube. The blood taken into the tube is separated from its platelets with the help of special devices and these platelets are collected in an injector. After that, it is re-injected into the required areas. As the operation will be done with micro needles, the feeling of pain is very low, and therefore there is no need for local anaesthesia. The operation takes an average of 15 minutes. Because there will be no bloody appearance after the procedure, you can continue with your daily life.

The quality of the PRP process substantially depends on the PRP Kit which is used during the process.

When will I begin to see results from a PRP treatment?

Generally, patients notice tightening and a more even tone to their skin in a week or two after PRP injections. These results continue to build for up to 6 months after treatment.

What areas can I treat with PRP injections?

Technically, PRP can used to treat area of the body. For cosmetic purposes, PRP is most popularly used to treat the face and neck.

How many PRP treatments will I need?

Results can be seen after one treatment, but the exact amount of treatments needed varies from patient to patient. Generally, 2‐3 treatments are advised, but more may be indicated for some individuals.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an injectable treatment by which a person’s own blood is used. Platelets are vital in the process of tissue healing, and the growth of new cells. PRP thereby promotes collagen production, regenerates the skin tissue, and essentially re-energizes your cells into rejuvenating themselves.
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