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This treatment which is developed by Michel Pistor in France in 1952 method was used to relieve pain in the first stage. Afterwards, it became a treatment method that is actively used in the United States and many countries around the world.

Various defects occur in the human body over time, depending on ageing and environmental factors. One of these defects is skin problems and the inadequacy to nourish the hairy tissue. Hair tissue, which has a lively structure, may need some extra vitamins and minerals because of various reasons. As a consequence, dryness of the scalp, hair loss, lifeless appearance, breakage and ruptures are observed. The process of preparing the vitamins and minerals that the hair needs and injecting them into the scalp is called Mesotherapy.

What Does Mesotherapy Do?

  • In order to prevent hair loss and make hair grow faster
  • To provide direct hydration of the skin
  • Mesotherapy is preferred for tightening the skin and increasing its circulation.

How is Mesotherapy Done?

In mesotherapy for hair, first of all, the vitamin/mineral needs of the person are determined and the drug mixture is prepared for it. The prepared mixture is injected into the areas needed in the hairy area with micro needles. Because there will be no incision or bleeding during the procedure, the person can continue his daily life after the operation.

The operation takes an average of 10 minutes.

Where we could apply it?

We could apply it to face, neck, chest area, back of the hands, body skin and fat, scalp (hair) depending on the indications.

Which skin type is good candidate for mesotherapy?

All skin types are good candidate for mesotherapy.

In general can tell all the indications simply fast?

Acne scars, rejuvenation, face fullness and glow, whitening face, Lip dystrophy, Alopecia, Hair Loss (both female and male), Cellulite, local Obesity, Stretch Lines, Rides, Sun Damaged Skin, and Wrinkles.

How we can apply mesothrapy?

Mesotherapy can be carried out either manually using a syringe (mandatory in fat) or by using very small needles in meso roller or pen, or with a mesotherapy gun.

How does mesotherapy promote weight loss and spot reduction?

Our customized formula prevents cells from storing fat, and helps break down existing fat cells. Spot reduction targets double chins, love handles, pooch belly and any other areas displaying fat pockets.
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