Saçlar Hakkında Doğru Bilinen Yanlışlar


Hair is a natural makeup for humans. Having beautiful hair makes us feel better when we look in the mirror. Everyone wants to have well-groomed and healthy hair, but there are many conflicting pieces of information about hair. We can’t be sure which is true and which is false. Here are some common myths about hair:

  • The More You Cut Your Hair, the Faster It Grows

This is a misconception. Hair grows from the roots, not from the ends. Cutting your hair only makes it shorter. The number and thickness of your hair roots are genetic traits. Therefore, cutting your hair does not affect its volume. Instead, if you take care of your hair once or twice a week with suitable hair care, your hair will grow healthy and fast.

  • Air-Drying Your Hair Is Healthier Than Blow-Drying It

Waiting for your hair to air-dry can lead to scalp infections or thinning of the skin. Therefore, at least dry the roots of your hair to prevent diseases.

  • Hair Is Addicted to Any Shampoo

Hair does not become addicted to any product. Your hair only responds well when you use a shampoo or hair care product suitable for your hair type. You can think of it as being treated with the right medication when you are sick. If you experience problems such as hair loss or quick greasiness after changing your shampoo, it means you have not chosen the right product for your hair.

  • Brushing Hair Frequently Is Good for Hair Health

Brushing your hair constantly throughout the day causes the hair oil to spread all over the hair, making it get dirtier quickly and losing its volume. It has nothing to do with the health of your hair. It is sufficient to brush your hair once after taking a shower and styling it. Also, constantly touching your hair causes it to get greasy quickly.

  • Split Ends Can Be Repaired

The masks and oils you use on your hair can hide split ends, but they do not repair them. You need to cut them to get rid of them. If you regularly take care of your hair, you can control split ends.

  • Brushing Dry Hair Causes Less Damage

Hair becomes more flexible and fragile when it is dry. Brushing your hair when it’s wet, especially in the shower, causes less damage. You can use post-shower products such as leave-in conditioners or liquid hair creams for a softer brushing experience. At the same time, you take care of your hair.