Saçların Yıpranma Sebepleri ve Yıpranmış Saçlara Öneriler


Hair is very important for women. Some women like long hair, some women like short hair. No matter what style, hair is an indispensable part for women and one of their most important accessories. Sometimes hair becomes damaged for various reasons and it takes a long time to restore it. First, let’s talk about why hair gets damaged in this article. Then, let’s talk about how we can restore damaged hair to its former healthy state.


  • Saltwater: Sea water contains plenty of minerals, but these minerals have the power to damage the hair’s elastic structure. Especially salt causes hair to dry out. Hair that dries out by being exposed to the sun for a few days with sea salt starts to break, losing its natural structure and shine, and takes a long time to recover if not cared for and left alone.
  • Blow-dryers and straighteners: What we actually want to mention here is high heat. Frequent use of blow-dryers or straighteners causes the natural and flexible structure of the hair to deteriorate, resulting in breakage. Hair that looks well-groomed for a short period of time with blow-drying and straightening unfortunately loses its healthy appearance in the long run and requires very serious care.
  • Not using nourishing products: Sometimes our body cannot load our hair with enough vitamin E and our hair breaks. For this, using nourishing products on our hair once or twice a month on average works. Not using specially produced nourishing products for our hair unfortunately causes our hair to lose its health.
  • Lack of vitamins: There is actually a similar situation to what we mentioned in the previous item. However, this time, the hair loses its health as a result of not being supported from within. If the vitamin and mineral deficiency in our body is not corrected, our hair, nails, and skin cannot be nourished enough and begin to lose their health. We can list many more things that cause hair to become damaged. Now let’s take a look at how we can restore our hair to its former health, what we can do.

We can list many more things that cause hair to become damaged. Now let’s take a look at how we can restore our hair to its former health, what we can do.

Tps for Damaged Haır:

  • Vinegar from Natural Methods: Fill a bucket with the last rinse water when washing your hair and add a capful of apple cider vinegar. This makes your hair look shinier in a short time and nourishes and repairs split ends in the long run.
  • Baking Soda: If you add a teaspoon of baking soda to the rinse water in the same way, it removes negative energy from you and makes your hair smoother and more flexible with the minerals it contains.
  • Coconut Oil: We can say that it is the number one friend of our hair and nails. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, coconut oil makes your hair silky. So, how will you apply it? Melt coconut oil on your hair the night before washing your hair and apply it as if you were dyeing your hair the same color. Then comb your hair, you can sleep by wrapping it with a plastic bag or towel if you wish, or rinse it with water after waiting for a few hours. Take a shower the next day. You will not believe the change in your hair when you do this application once or twice a month.
  • Egg Whites: You also need to apply egg whites, which are very nutritious for your hair, as a mask like coconut oil. Apply egg whites to your hair by rubbing it with your hands, wait for an hour and rinse it. Do not use shampoo. You can wash your hair with shampoo in the shower the next day. You will observe that split ends in your hair are repaired in a short time.
  • Boiled Egg Water: Do not pour the water when you boil eggs. Even better, collect this water in a bottle or bucket. Later, mix it with hot water in the final rinse in the shower and pour it on your hair. The calcium in it will nourish and strengthen your hair. If you also massage your scalp with your fingers with this water, it will be very beneficial for your nails. It will also help strengthen your nails.
  • Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil: This magnificent trio must have been created specifically for hair. When you apply this magnificent trio to your hair two to three times a week, you can witness miracles and restore your hair’s health in a very short time. Your hair will have a magnificent shine and flexibility in a very short time.
  • Don’t forget honey! Honey is a miraculous nutritious product for hair to gain shine and reduce fragility. You can make plenty of masks for your hair with honey. Masks that you will make by mixing it with milk, lemon or apple cider vinegar allow your hair to become thicker, shinier, more flexible, and voluminous. Do not neglect honey for both your hair and stomach.

    The health of our hair is in our hands. Like our eyes, bones, skin, teeth, and internal organs, our hair also needs care, minerals, and vitamins. If your hair is breaking, know that there are some things you are doing wrong or missing. To protect your health and have a more orderly distribution in your whole body, you should never neglect to have a healthy diet in your life.